School furniture

Modern school furniture is necessary for comprehensive education.

While preparing for the new school year, it is crucial to evaluate and think if your school furniture is still suitable. What about wear and tear? Does the furniture reflect your teaching model? If you think it’s time for a change, here are a few tips that will help to choose new school furniture:

1. Most important aspects – students’ health and safety. Ensure that chosen furniture is suitable for a relevant age group (one may be suitable for primary students, others – for secondary school students). You should also consider the height of the furniture and the durability of the materials.

2. Comfort. Your students will spend a lot of time sitting and working at the school desks. Consider the comfort before choosing a new set of furniture since it is one of the factors that determine the success of the students.

3. Mobility and functionality. Most desks do not stay in one place in classrooms for many years. Whether you’re arranging furniture in a circle in preparation for presentations or just want to change the interior of a classroom, make sure they can move freely and don’t take up too much space. Of course, chairs and tables should suit your intended purposes: lessons, presentations, group work, etc. For example, if you are preparing for reading sessions, a bookshelf and several chairs are a better choice than a round table.

Keep these few tips in mind when choosing new furniture and your classroom will be the ideal learning environment! We think that reliable and comfortable school furniture is necessary for student education. Create an environment where they can learn, communicate and share their experiences freely. Check out our range here.