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Glass boards

State of the art: future of the blackboard?
Glass boards are different from other types of boards. With rounded corners and modern design, they look stylish, and transparent design allows you to incorporate them into any environment. Due to modern design, these boards provide professionalism to offices. They not only look good but easy to use as well. After cleaning the board, there are no residues of the ink compared to the magnetic board, so these boards contribute to the neat and professional office image.
Different to magnetic boards, glass boards come in different colours. Boards of different colours will not only fit in your home but also the office or other educational institution: whether you want a standard clear board for your office, blue – for a brighter interior or a bright coloured board for your classroom. Boards of different colours and sizes may be a perfect and functional decoration for your office or classroom. For example, you can hang several small glass boards near your workspace and use them for different notes.
Let’s not forget that glass boards are durable. Most people think that they can easily break if they fall, but this is not true: these stylish boards are made of tempered glass, so they are as durable as magnetic boards.
These boards are more expensive than magnetic boards but are sturdier, durable and look trendy. They are stain-resistant; no ink residues are left on and therefore are a perfect choice for a contemporary educational institution.