Kindergarten furniture

Our kindergarten furniture

Kindergarten furniture: changing lockers, beds, units, cabinets with boxes, small tables, small chairs, towel hangers and bedding. Take into account personal preferences and space specifications to choose the most suitable furniture design, size and colour. A wide range of furniture will help to create the right atmosphere in the room. Kindergarten furniture will fill each corner of the room with different colours.

Consider the size of the room when choosing furniture

Our kindergarten furniture range includes free-standing, built-in and mounted furniture. You can choose from different designs, functions, colours and other specifications. If you want to choose the right furniture, you should consider the effect you want to create in your space. Naturally, the furniture must create a playful atmosphere for children, cosiness and contribute to the education of children. Our kindergarten furniture is a perfect solution when choosing durable and high-quality furniture. All kindergarten furniture are made of certified materials, harmless to the environment and children’s health.

We will help you!

If you can’t choose the right furniture from the wide range of „Eigida“, contact our konsultantų komandą that will not only help to choose the right furniture but also advise on the layout if needed.