Company information

UAB Eigida

Company code: 300655610

VAT code: LT100003403716

Settlement account: LT157300010099443895

AB bankas “Swedbank” bank code: 73000

Settlement account: LT864010042503174335

AB DNB bankas bank code 40100

Phone: +370 677 69 600


Furniture showroom

Our furniture showroom:

Draugystės g. 8c, (PC Senukai, II aukšte) Kaunas


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    Frequently asked questions

    Do you deliver assembled furniture?

    Yes, we deliver assembled furniture.

    How long does it take to produce furniture?

    We have magnetic boards, stands and projector screens in stock, and we can deliver within 2-3 business days.

    The production of standard furniture takes up to 4-5 weeks, depending on the season.

    The production of non-standard furniture for the home takes up to 5-8 weeks.


    Can I choose different colours that are not available here?

    You can choose any products from any panel manufacturer: Thermopal, EGGER, Kronospan, Pfleiderer.

    For projects with non-standard panels, we calculate prices separately.

    Can you produce non-standard furniture?

    We produce standard and non-standard furniture.

    You can choose different colours and sizes.

    We can also produce furniture according to your drawings or specifications.

    How much the delivery costs?

    We deliver standard furniture in Lithuania for free.

    We also deliver kitchens and other assembled furniture throughout Lithuania.